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Frequently Asked Question

Q: When you ship my coffee?
A: The next day when you ordered the coffee

Q: How long i receive my coffee?
A: Depending on where you were living, usually shipment will take 2-3 Working Days

Q: When you roast the coffee?
A: Depending on the shop needs, but we almost roast coffee everyday

Q: How i store the coffee bean?
A: We strongly recomended to keep the coffee with the packaging, but you can store it in the coffee vacuum canister like Fellow Atmos or Ankomn

Q: How long my coffee will last?
A: We suggest to use your coffee within 1 month from the roast date to get the best flavour out of it. the better you store the beans the longer your coffee beans will last.

Q: Do you have a brewing guide?
A: Yes, we have it here Brew Guide